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Taking Disney Seriously: Enlightenment as Entertainment


Hello, welcome to The Three CommentEARS. We’re not your usual Disney podcast.  We strive to bring something new to the Disney table. We wish to bring the mysticism and the realities of Disney movies to listeners in new and insightful ways. By combining our love of films with our love of Disney, we take a look at how Disney films have not only been made, but how it’s shaped our culture. We look towards our past in order to determine a future. The Three CommentEARS allows listeners to have a shared experience with like-minded fans, to understand why we love (or sometimes are apathetic to) particular Disney films. If we do our job right, it is our hope that listeners will come away from our commentaries with a more enlightened and enhanced appreciation for the films in question: films they already love, learn to love, or are challenged for loving.


The Three CommentEARS Episode 6: Monsters, Inc.

Over 15 years since monsters and children relations changed for the better, Monsters, Inc. still remains one of the shining examples of the Pixar formula. Originally recorded in 2013, this commentary features hosts Albert “Put That Thing Back” Gutierrez, Pedro “Where It Came From” Hernandez, and Kelvin “Or So Help Me” Cedeño each sharing their Read More