Something to Think About, Episode 3 – Star Wars: Success and the Eternal Struggle for Bigger and Better


In our third installment of “Something to Think About,” we examine the success of the newest Star Wars film and its effects on the audience and industry as a whole. For “Maz Tanaka” (Pedro Hernandez), “General Hux” (Kelvin Cedeño), and “Captain Phasma” (Tony Lopez), the new film elicited very positive responses. “Poe Dameron” (Albert Gutierrez), however, had a few concerns for the film and franchise, which resulted in a less-than-enthusiastic viewing of the film. In addition, we look back on the legacy of the Star Wars franchise through its various stages, recalling how each of us entered the Star Wars fandom, and what the future may hold.


To download this episode, click here. Enjoy the show! Feedback is always appreciated!


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