A CommentEAR Christmas Gift: Part Three – The Small One


Hark! The third and final CommentEAR Christmas gift arrives, appropriately enough, for Three Kings’ Day. In this track, Kelvin Cedeño and Tony Lopez lend their thoughts on The Small One. The duo examines the rarity of the short’s subject matter and location within the studio’s library, the stylistic choices director Don Bluth would later carry on with his post-Disney features, and alterations made to the short for home video. With all of 2015’s holidays behind us, we here at The Three CommentEARS wish you a happy 2016 in all your holidays to come.


Both the film and commentary run the same length. To maximize your enjoyment of this commentary, please ensure that both your copy of the film and the mp3 begin at the same time. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! You can also right-click here and select “Save As” to download our mp3 of this commentary for portable listening.


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