The Three CommentEARS Episode 23A: Pocahontas (2005 Extended)



Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate the occasion, we discuss one of the most passionate romances in the Disney canon: 1995’s Pocahontas. Because the film exists in two different cuts, we are presenting two different commentaries, each focusing on different subjects at hand. The first of these, matched to the 2005 extended version, features Albert Gutierrez, Tony Lopez, and Jen Seggio. The trio look at the challenges faced by the production to make something strikingly realistic yet artistically bold, and comparisons are made between the animation and music of this feature and others in the Disney library. They also demonstrate how a musical number once deleted makes all the narrative difference when restored.


Note that this commentary is specifically matched to the 2005 extended version found on the 10th Anniversary DVD. Both that cut and this track run the same length. To maximize your enjoyment of this commentary, please ensure that both your copy of the film and the mp3 begin at the same time. The film’s audio can be heard in the background of our track, acting as a guide in the syncing process. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! You can also right-click here and select “Save As” to download our mp3 of this commentary for portable listening.


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