The Three CommentEARS Episode 23B: Pocahontas (1995 Theatrical)


We wrap up Valentine’s Week with the second of our two Pocahontas commentaries, this time matched to the theatrical version of the film. In this track, Albert Gutierrez, Pedro Hernandez, and Kelvin Cedeño focus on history of all sorts with not only the differing accounts on the real Pocahontas, but also the time period in which Disney’s film was created and the legacy it left behind. Just around the riverbend lies a thorough story and character analysis that we hope helps listeners better appreciate this underrated classic.


Note that this commentary is specifically matched to the original 1995 theatrical version. Both that cut and this track run the same length. To maximize your enjoyment of this commentary, please ensure that both your copy of the film and the mp3 begin at the same time. The film’s audio can be heard in the background of our track, acting as a guide in the syncing process. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! You can also right-click here and select “Save As” to download our mp3 of this commentary for portable listening.


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