Something to Think About, Episode 4 – Zootopia: Race Relations through the Disney Lens a.k.a. Br’er Rabbit’s Mea Culpa


In this latest installment of “Something to Think About,” listeners can enjoy a spoiler-free assessment about Disney’s latest animated feature, Zootopia. The film continues to wow critics and audiences alike, with a box-office intake that is still smashing records, and an unparalleled, positive critical appraisal. At the time of this episode’s recording, Zootopia had only been in American theatres for one day, but had already impressed all four commentators: Albert, Pedro, Kelvin, and Tony. Fresh from their first viewings, the quartet share their thoughts on why the film’s such a resounding success, analyze the strength of both its script and vocal performers, and muse on the film’s timely allegory regarding race relations in the modern world.


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