The Three CommentEARS Episode 24: Chicken Little


The world’s fallen in love with Zootopia, Disney’s smash hit that blends a fantastical mystery with race relations, but the studio’s taken us to animal-run communities before. Viewers may want to re-acquaint themselves with the forests of Nottingham in our 2013 commentary for Robin Hood, or they can venture forth with the CommentEARS into the small town of Oakey Oaks with this brand new commentary for 2005’s animated film, Chicken Little. The antics of these anthropomorphic animals continue to garner mixed reactions from its audience, newly-assessed and analyzed by Albert “Acorn” Gutierrez, Pedro “Tic Tac” Hernandez, and Kelvin “Lollipop” Cedeño. The CommentEARS set forth on a largely non-screen-specific discussion about the production of the film, contextualizing it within the Disney theatrical releases of 2005, and how it fits today within Disney’s own animated canon. In addition, they re-examine their own personal thoughts on the film in comparison to general consensus from both the film’s original release and in the present day, when time has allowed for thoughts to both mellow or strengthen.


Instructions on Syncing Up This Commentary with Your Copy of the Film:


Both the film and the commentary run the same length. To maximize your enjoyment of this commentary, press play on both film and commentary together, as the commentary begins with the same jump-cut as the computer-graphic castle. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! You can also right-click here and select “Save As” to download our mp3 of this commentary for portable listening.


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