The Three CommentEARS Episode 27: Descendants


Whether one thinks it’s rotten to the core, R-I-D-I-CULOUS, or ask if it is just a dream, Descendants blended together heroes and villains of Disney’s animated classics, throwing viewers in for a loop as they were then introduced to a next generation of memorable characters: the young legacies of Maleficent, Evil Queen, Beauty and the Beast, Dopey, and more. In anticipation of the first anniversary of the film’s historic television broadcast, CommentEAR Albert “Mal” Gutierrez and special guest CommentEAR Steven “Jay” Johnson revisit the film to explore why they’ve embraced the film. Join the two as they muse upon the world-building and character development, analyze the strengths of the film, and enjoy their favorite characters and scenes. Rather than riff on the film, the pair examine why the film appeals to a whole legion of younger viewers, cite how director Kenny Ortega creates genuine cinematic moments, and speculate what next year’s sequel may bring.

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