The Three CommentEARS Episode 28: Alice in Wonderland


65 years ago, a little girl took a tumble down a rabbit hole and ended up in a topsy turvy world where anything was possible. Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland began as a project Walt just couldn’t let go, ended up as a feature he didn’t particularly care for, and grew into a pop culture presence he could never foresee. Your mad hosts for this tea party are Kelvin “Mad Hatter” Cedeño and Pedro “March Hare” Hernandez. Together, the duo recount the many failed attempts at getting Alice off the ground, the tricky process of adapting Lewis Carroll’s rich text, and the life this animated feature has since found, particularly in Disney parks. Recorded for the film’s 65th anniversary and released for its umpteenth unbirthday, this track celebrates the humor and creativity that only this animated film could dream up.


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