The Three CommentEARS Episode 29: Home on the Range


Howdy, ya’ll! The Three CommentEARS continue to look and listen beyond the traditional in this exciting new episode! Your hosts for this commentary, Pedro “Alameda Slim” Hernandez and Tony “Mr. Y. Odel” Lopez, get back on the saddle to look back on one of Disney’s most divisive animated classics yet: Home on the Range. An udder failure with critics and audiences that failed to engage with its epic tale of cows in the west, Home on the Range is widely considered one of the weakest entries in Disney’s grand canon of animated films. But is the hatred fully deserved? The commentating cowboys look beyond the general reception of the film as they pan for gold nuggets of comedy hidden within the film’s flawed narrative, discuss how Disney animation was affected before and after its release, point out how certain ideas and deleted scenes could have improved the story, and even have an outlandish comment and laugh or two to share!


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