The Three CommentEARS Episode 5: Meet the Robinsons


10 years ago, audiences were given a wacky, optimistic view of the future influenced by author and illustrator William Joyce. That film, Meet the Robinsons, came towards the end of an experimental era at Walt Disney Animation Studios, the first title released under that new branding. Originally recorded in 2013, this escapade features honorary Robinsons Albert “Wilbur” Gutierrez, Pedro “Bud” Hernandez, and Kelvin “Cornelius” Cedeño. Each shares different perspectives towards the film, among them the shift in production under John Lasseter, the rules of time travel, and the various Disneyland connections made. The story’s recurring theme of “Keep moving forward” is also considered, particularly its impact on the audience.



Instructions on Syncing Up This Commentary with Your Copy of the Film: Both the film and commentary track run the same length. To maximize your enjoyment of this commentary, press play on both film and commentary together. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! You can also right-click here and select “Save As” to download our mp3 of this commentary for portable listening.



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