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The Three CommentEARS Episode 6: Monsters, Inc.

Over 15 years since monsters and children relations changed for the better, Monsters, Inc. still remains one of the shining examples of the Pixar formula. Originally recorded in 2013, this commentary features hosts Albert “Put That Thing Back” Gutierrez, Pedro “Where It Came From” Hernandez, and Kelvin “Or So Help Me” Cedeño each sharing their Read More

The Dreamers of Dreams Episode 1: La La Land

Welcome to the first episode of our non-Disney commentary series, The Dreamers of Dreams! Much like its sister series, Dreamers of Dreams allows your CommentEARS to offer cultural analysis, personal stories, and production trivia on classic and contemporary films. And what better film to share with dreamers than the 2016 musical La La Land? The Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 7: The Sword in the Stone

The legend of King Arthur has inspired numerous retellings via song, page, stage, and screen. With a decidedly grittier and more manic take on the subject currently in theaters, we thought it might be a good opportunity to revisit a film adaptation that more charmingly hews closer to T.H. White’s definitive vision on the subject: Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 5: Meet the Robinsons

10 years ago, audiences were given a wacky, optimistic view of the future influenced by author and illustrator William Joyce. That film, Meet the Robinsons, came towards the end of an experimental era at Walt Disney Animation Studios, the first title released under that new branding. Originally recorded in 2013, this escapade features honorary Robinsons Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 31: Fun and Fancy Free

Join some happy-go-lucky fellows as The Three CommentEARS celebrate seventy years of Walt Disney’s Fun and Fancy Free! Your hosts for this double-feature include Albert “Where’s Bobby?” Gutierrez, Pedro “Bongo” Hernandez, and Kelvin “Nameless Harp” Cedeño. Listen in as the three examine why the film is so divisive among audiences, how each half was originally Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 2: Peter Pan

It may be celebrating its 64th anniversary this month, but Walt Disney’s Peter Pan is a film that will never grow old. Originally recorded as our second episode back in 2013, the track features Albert “John Darling” Gutierrez, Pedro “Mr. Smee” Hernandez, and Kelvin “Cubby Bear” Cedeño in a discussion that covers this multifaceted production. Among such Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 30: Pinocchio

Like a bolt out of the blue, The Three CommentEARS return for the new year with a commentary for Walt Disney’s Pinocchio, in honor of its recent Walt Disney Signature Collection release! Your hosts for this daring journey, Pedro “Geppetto” Hernandez, Tony “Pinocchio” Lopez, Brian “Jiminy Cricket” Slatky, and Jen “Blue Fairy” Seggio, analyze and Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 29: Home on the Range

Howdy, ya’ll! The Three CommentEARS continue to look and listen beyond the traditional in this exciting new episode! Your hosts for this commentary, Pedro “Alameda Slim” Hernandez and Tony “Mr. Y. Odel” Lopez, get back on the saddle to look back on one of Disney’s most divisive animated classics yet: Home on the Range. An Read More