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The Three CommentEARS Episode 27: Descendants

Whether one thinks it’s rotten to the core, R-I-D-I-CULOUS, or ask if it is just a dream, Descendants blended together heroes and villains of Disney’s animated classics, throwing viewers in for a loop as they were then introduced to a next generation of memorable characters: the young legacies of Maleficent, Evil Queen, Beauty and the Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 26: The Rocketeer

Twenty-five years ago, a jet-pack-wearing pilot soared into theatres looking for fame and glory, but instead crash landed with a fantastic thud. Over the next two decades, audiences discovered the Little Film That Could, embracing its nostalgic take on action, adventure, and comic book heroes. To celebrate The Rocketeer’s 25th Anniversary, Albert “GeeBee” Gutierrez, Pedro Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 4: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

On the 20th anniversary of one of Disney’s most mature and complex features, the Three CommentEARS share with you their 2013 commentary for The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In it, Albert Gutierrez, Pedro Hernandez, and Kelvin Cedeño relay the film’s rich production history while also examining the various themes presented that were then unheard of in a Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 25: Finding Nemo

It’s been thirteen years since the world went looking for Nemo, little fish lost. Now, in the weeks before we set forth on a similar quest to find Dory, the Three CommentEARS return to the original, heartwarming father/son story that captivated fans everywhere. Join Albert “Escapay” Gutierrez, Pedro “P. Sherman” Hernandez, and Kelvin “MINE!” Cedeño Read More

The Three CommentEARS Episode 24: Chicken Little

The world’s fallen in love with Zootopia, Disney’s smash hit that blends a fantastical mystery with race relations, but the studio’s taken us to animal-run communities before. Viewers may want to re-acquaint themselves with the forests of Nottingham in our 2013 commentary for Robin Hood, or they can venture forth with the CommentEARS into the small Read More

Something to Think About, Episode 4 – Zootopia: Race Relations through the Disney Lens a.k.a. Br’er Rabbit’s Mea Culpa

In this latest installment of “Something to Think About,” listeners can enjoy a spoiler-free assessment about Disney’s latest animated feature, Zootopia. The film continues to wow critics and audiences alike, with a box-office intake that is still smashing records, and an unparalleled, positive critical appraisal. At the time of this episode’s recording, Zootopia had only Read More

Something to Think About, Episode 3 – Star Wars: Success and the Eternal Struggle for Bigger and Better

In our third installment of “Something to Think About,” we examine the success of the newest Star Wars film and its effects on the audience and industry as a whole. For “Maz Tanaka” (Pedro Hernandez), “General Hux” (Kelvin Cedeño), and “Captain Phasma” (Tony Lopez), the new film elicited very positive responses. “Poe Dameron” (Albert Gutierrez), however, Read More

A CommentEAR Christmas Gift: Part Three – The Small One

Hark! The third and final CommentEAR Christmas gift arrives, appropriately enough, for Three Kings’ Day. In this track, Kelvin Cedeño and Tony Lopez lend their thoughts on The Small One. The duo examines the rarity of the short’s subject matter and location within the studio’s library, the stylistic choices director Don Bluth would later carry on Read More